Dear Mr. Fogel,
My mom, Maria, has been in your facility for a few weeks and is coming home today after being in the hospital and another rehab facility since January 2nd. It’s been a nightmare of a time not only because of her illnesses but also due to the fact that the last facility was horrible and she probably would have died had I not had to scream and shout to be heard that she was not well. Since the day we came to your facility it has been a wonderful experience not only for my mom but also for me knowing she would be well taken care of. You have an amazing staff and facility that I would absolutely recommend to anyone and use again in the future. First I would like to say the facility itself is clean and comfortable with the patient having their own room makes things so much easier and homier. Then you have your staff, there is not one person that was rude or jaded as some in other facilities are. I would like to mention two individuals in particular Doris and the aid Helen when they came in to the room my mom lit up, they treated her with the respect, dignity and love she so deserves. When they would come in my mom would say “I love you” and they would respond back that they loved her too. As a family member that loves my mother so very much that exchange warmed my heart. You should be very proud of your staff, they are far beyond what I have come to expect from other facilities. I thank you on behalf of my mother and myself for the care and love she was shown while at Preferred care.

With sincere thanks and gratitude

Flo, Sr. Business Application Developer


My mom has been at your facility for over a year now. I have nothing but good to say about this facility. The staff is considerate, caring and professional. I had the pleasure just last night to be a part of their Thanksgiving Lunch event. It was nothing that I would have expected. The staff did an awesome job, beautifully decorated and the food was delicious! It felt like home. My family is very happy and confident with the care my mother is getting.



I came here for therapy after a long time spent in the Hospital. It was a bit of a drive for my family but well worth it. Upon arriving, everyone was super friendly, starting with the receptionist and continuing throughout all of the staff.
My stay was for three months and it was a true pleasure!
The food and service was great. The rehab was excellent!
Overall I was extremely satisfied with the entire stay and would highly recommend Preferred Care at

Mrs. G


The staff is very caring and they are taking excellent care of my mother. They were best option for us because Mom couldn’t live alone anymore. She is happy which makes us happy, especially since she is 97. I’m Very appreciative to all the wonderful staff.



I would highly recommend Preferred Care at Wall. The staff is extremely responsive and professional at all times to me as the caregiver and to my loved one who is the resident. The quality of care is exceptional, and the individual need of each resident is a priority.



The staff are Pleasant and knowledgeable and always helpful. The most important thing to me is the way they treat my mother. Always with respect, kindness and a smile….! A big “Thank You” to my friends at preferred care at wall.



Dear Friends at PC at Wall,

As I get ready to go home, I am taking a few minutes to look around and take in every part of this amazing rehab experience at Preferred Care at Wall:

From my bright and spacious five-star room that made me feel I was waking up at a luxury hotel every morning, the staff that was so attentive and motivated me at every step in my rehab process, to the Recreation team that filled my days with fun activities, made sure I casted my vote on Election day, and showed up on Halloween dressed as Elvis and Cher to everyone’s amusement and laughter.

The dining options were all superb, and my family members and friends really liked having a “Family Meeting Room” where they could visit, update me on the latest family news.

As happy as I am to go home, I have to say … I loved it at PC at Wall!

Mr. McLaren

September 27, 2016

Dear Barry,

Friends and acquaintances I met while in the hospital recommended Preferred Care at Wall for my upcoming rehab stay; trust me when I say I wasn’t disappointed.

From the moment we arrived at the bucolic setting I felt I was in for a treat. There was friendly, welcoming staff in the lobby in addition to a spotless, homelike environment. The skylight running the entire length of the main hallway shed a sunny, naturally warming light.

My room was no less than a five star hotel replete with views of the surrounding natural greenery and landscaping. The staff immediately met with me and assisted with the settling-in process. Things were explained with ample time allotted for questions.

Meals were delicious with daily menus to choose from; substitutions were always available. One could choose whether to eat in a family style day room setting or if quiet with a good book was needed, one could remain in their room.
I was most impressed that not only the nursing and ancillary staff was visible on a regular basis but the Director of the facility stopped by to ensure things were proper.

Should anyone need a warm, caring and professional environment for rehabilitation l sincerely recommend Preferred Care at Wall.

Sasha Whittacker


I’m not writing this letter as a critique to grade anybody, but to acknowledge the great job these people are accomplishing. The staff at Preferred Care At Wall are tireless and dedicated in their efforts in taking care of their many patients. They deserve the utmost praise anyone can receive for their outstanding contributions.

In no specific order, let’s start with the most professional and outstanding nurses I know. They are Stephanie, Liz and Ruth. Just simply fantastic!

The next group of deserving staff members, who I believe are the backbone of Preferred Care At Wall, are the aides! To say the least they have a thankless job that really deserves tremendous praise. Again in no specific order they are, Sasha, Rose, Joel, Lakeisha, Townes, Karen and Elleen. Without them I’d be in a lot of trouble.

The next crew I must acknowledge, work in rehab room. They monitor my activities and help me achieve success in my program. These outstanding people are Mike, Sarah, Nicole, Sue, Dave and Todd.

The following staff members work in the kitchen. They are Dave and Brenda, who are extremely patient and helpful with my requests.

Last, but not least, I must congratulate the sterling job Barry has accomplished in a very short period of time. He has assembled a fantastic group of conscientious, hardworking employees that makes Preferred Care At Wall so successful.

Thank you,
Marc Honig

Dear Mr. Mermelstein,

It is said that the quality, or lack thereof, of any organization originates from the top and filters down. This is why I want to compliment you on Preferred Care at Wall and express my gratitude to all of you for what you do for the residents and their families.

It has been an intensely difficult year for my family based upon many changes in our lives culminating in the cranial hemorrhage that resulted in my husband’s admission to Preferred Care. With so much on my mind and much emotion and fear going on, to know that he is well cared for means everything to me. He was a resident in another place for a short while and the care was very substandard, so I know the difference between good and bad first hand. As a matter of fact I probably should have tried to “expose” the first facility for the sake of others, but I did not. I’m just grateful that he’s at Preferred Care.

He was in Unit A for a while and now Unit B. In both units I have witnessed people sweeping the floor and making sure they trapped each and every speck that didn’t belong there. The pride they took in keeping it all clean was unbelievable. I have seen the staff kiss and hug patients in Unit B who probably needed such attention desperately. They are kind, compassionate, efficient and patient. They keep my husband’s appearance up at all times, clean clothes, matching clothes, clean shaven. There is a gentleman in Unit B who is from Nigeria (I forgot to ask him his name) who has been invaluable to my husband. The therapy people are also wonderful — very professional and caring. My husband is honestly a handful to deal with which makes it really hard to attend to him.

Again, my gratitude reaches far and wide and I thank you and your people from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and do for us. You are all very special individuals.

Jeanne S

Nursing Staff:

Thanks so much for your care and services during my stay at Preferred Care. It was so nice to have such bubbly and caring nurses at my beck and call. You all made my stay very enjoyable.

Diane Sczepanik

Dear Mr. Mermelstein,

I’m writing today to thank you and our staff for the great care you gave my mom during her four month stay. From her first day she was treated with respect and dignity, as was I. Please commend “Gianna” at the front desk for always smiling and greeting everyone warmly and your administrators Karen and Stacey Lopez. Both these lady’s helped me in too many ways to list, always returning my phone calls promptly, to answering a thousand questions, to just being kind and professional. Also “Virna” the head nurse on the ward, she always went out of her way to see my mom as well as the other patients get the care they needed. So thank you very much for making a really difficult and stressing time that much easier.

Mike Nyegaard

Dear Barry,

A quick letter to send a HUGE thank you to everyone in your facility who nursed my mother, Jean McCabe, back to health. I speak for not only myself, but for all my family members as we wish to extend out sincerest gratitude and appreciation.

The patience, kindness, hard work and support of the Aides, Nursing and Therapy staff was truly the main factor that helped my mother heal and get stronger each day. Rose, Melinda, Kim, Luba, & Libby were a few of the aides that we got too know while visiting my mom each day. These women, along with the one that I did not know, were amazing! They were kind, compassionate and performed their job to 100 percent of their ability. The nursing staff was also outstanding, professional, knowledgeable and always quick to react with any questions or concerns we may have had.

From the moment that I met Stacey and she took me for a tour of the facility, I knew my mom was in good hands and was in the right place. Even though the facility was just taken over, it was clean, neat, organized and everyone made us feel right at home.

My family cannot thank you and your facility enough. After three months of caring for my mom and her every need she was able to go home to her house. Even though we will miss our visits at Preferred Care, my mom has a big smile on her face. But don’t worry…. We will be back to say Hello!

Barry, thank you again and please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you in the future. I will be recommending your facility to patients at my job who will need sub-acute care post operatively.


On February 17, 2016, I entered the subacute unit at Preferred Care At Wall with very mixed emotions. I was nervous, scared, and very apprehensive. The first day the administrator, Barry Mermelstein, came to my room to introduce himself and asked me if I was okay. I was so emotional that day and close to tears. He asked me if there was anything he could do to make me even a little bit at ease. I asked him if the kitchen made ride pudding and that he didn’t think so but he had them make it. From that day on I just knew my next 100 days would be filled with laughter, friends and yes – “Family”. My anxiety had melted away.

Every department at Preferred Care is filled with such wonderful people. The aides became my dear friends, some dearer to me than others but nonetheless they ALL worked very hard and with such compassion. Will miss them terribly. The kitchen department was always so accommodating. As for the therapy department, well I knew I would be getting therapy for strengthening and toning. Never did I dream I would be standing and even better walking a few steps!! What a great, hardworking team with such patience and understanding.

In conclusion, I want to thank EVERYONE at Preferred Care at Wall for all the love and kindness they had to offer. I have made so many friends. I have been to several facilities previously and not one can beat Preferred. I highly recommend that anyone who needs any kind of therapy, consider this special facility.

– Cynthia Alvarez

My short-term stay at The Suites at Wall was excellent. My room was comfortable and the staff was courteous and attentive. I was recovering from a knee replacement and they got me back on my feet within 2 weeks.

The therapists were nice, understanding, supportive and not too pushy. Thanks to them I am looking forward to returning to my favorite haunt – hitting the he golf course this spring!

I highly recommend Preferred Care at Wall to anyone looking for a subacute rehab facility. It’s really nice and the staff treated me well. They even have concierge service.Thanks to its convenient location, friends and family were able to visit me often.

Preferred Care at Wall was a lifesaver for my husband. Following his recent heart surgery, he needed a rehab place close to him. Preferred Care exceeded our expectations across the board. We were very pleased with the clinical care and the medical attention.