Preferred Care At Wall: Bearing Testimony To Love

Preferred Care at Wall, renowned in South Wall Township New Jersey for providing services for clients in need of short-term rehabilitation as well as Long Term Care, and specialized care for individuals suffering from physical ailments such as Alzheimer’s / Dementia, and Multiple Sclerosis., occasionally, provides Hospice or Palliative Care services.
Recently, we admitted a patient for Hospice, end of life care. Although in pain, this patient communicates easily, letting the staff at Preferred Care At Wall know her needs and preferences, and makes her own decisions.
Late in the afternoon of September 15th, the staff at Preferred Care at Wall learned that she and her long time love of over 40 years, had made the decision to get married.
Plans were made quickly and efficiently: The minister was called, the cake was ordered, and when word spread like wildfire through the facility that one of the residents was going to marry her long time Love, the staff proceeded to decorate for the occasion.
A few hours later, friends and family “Gathered Here Today” … and two people were joined in Matrimony!
About a dozen of their closest loved ones were in attendance.

With utmost sensitivity, the Staff ay Preferred Care At Wall honored their privacy and comfort, knowing the exceptional circumstances of the occasion but we heard that the Groom shed a tear or two, and we KNOW the Bride looked beautiful. SHE IS. THEY ARE.

This was the first ever wedding within our facility, but we certainly hope not the last!

We are honored to bear testimony of such love between two people.