Preferred care At Wall offers many services to its patients

Eleanor O’Sullivan


With physical, occupational and speech therapies available seven days a week, plus orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation as well as stroke recovery and diabetes treatment, Preferred Care at wall offers multiple services in an attractive setting.

The Suites at Wall, the new Subacute Care Unit of Preferred Care at Wall, has 15 private rooms with private baths, as well as three semi-private rooms, plus concierge service, access to landscaped courtyards, a private dining room, conference and family rooms, and a flexible visiting policy.

“We call it the Suites at Wall because it’s a very appealing setting for our patients; the rooms look more like a hotel,” said Stay Lopez, clinical liaison and director of marketing at Preferred Care at Wall.

The facility, which also has a long-term care unit, was opened in January. Preferred care at Wall purchased the building from Monmouth County; the company also owns a Preferred Care facility in Mercer County.

“I have been in the industry for 15 years, and I can say that we are quite unique because of our totally designated subacute unit, which is separate from long-term care. The unit has very spacious rooms, a separate courtyard for the patients with us for rehabilitation who like to get outside, and a separate dining room.

“The unit was set up to make the individual coming from a hospital situation for rehabilitation go back home having been extremely comfortable,” Lopez said.

The majority of subacute care patients who have rehabilitation at Preferred Care at Wall have had hip or knee surgery. Lopez said these patients are invited to tour the facility prior to surgery.

“Looking at the facility allows you to see where you are going to have rehabilitation and reassures the patient they have made the right choice. The patient has the right to make that choice,” Lopez said.

Offering rehabilitation services seven days a week means that patients are able to complete their therapies earlier. “We are averaging for a full replacement, a nine-day rehabilitation stay. It’s a very extensive program, which is promoted to get you better and get you back home faster,” Lopez said.

The facility has a rehabilitation gym with a model ADL apartment where patients receive therapy in how to maneuver in a kitchen to function independently when they return home. Equipment such as Vital Stim, short-wave diathermy; therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation and motorized rehabilitation system are designed for patients who have had a stroke or heart attack and need muscle stimulation.

“The technical equipment definitely enhances the therapy program,” Lopez said.

Among the facility’s specialties are cardiology, physiatry and podiatry, wound care and pain management, hospice and palliative care, respite care, therapeutic recreation, social services and family counseling, and nutritional counseling.

Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the Subacute Care unit and the Long term Care Unit, Preferred Care at Wall has a transitional unit, Lopez said. “This unit was developed for the individual coming from an assisted living or home setting who is now medically no longer able to care for himself,” Lopez said.

She said the Long-term Care Unit rooms are primarily semi-private rooms that are very spacious and bright with views of the surrounding grounds.

Cable TV, WiFi and a beauty salon are among the amenities Preferred Care at Wall provides. There is a room with a grand piano that is available to patients and guests, as well as a private dining room that can be reserved for functions and special occasions, an activity room, arts and crafts, clubs and visiting entertainment.

Patients are provided with a comprehensive discharge plane and receive a post-discharge follow-up.

Lopez said that in order for patients to be covered under their Medicare benefit, a three-night hospital admission is required to be eligible for a Subacute Care Unit stay.

“We are unique because of all the specialty programs that are in a place at Preferred Care at Wall. We are very fortunate that we can accommodate all of the different diagnoses,” Lopez said.

“Looking at the facility allows you to see where you are going to have rehabilitation and reassures the patient they have made the right choice.”

Stacy Lopez